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Doctor Who - “Deep Breath” (Spoilers)


Doctor Who – “Deep Breath” (Spoilers)

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If Summer and all of its fun activities have to come to a close, it’s nice to have something to look forward to at the end of it. For me, it was Doctor Who finallystarting up again, with the introduction of Peter Capaldi as the Doctor! The Doctor and companion Clara are back in Victorian England, joining up once more with the adorable interspecies couple Madame Vastra and Jenny Flint, along with…

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I see and write a lot of “DON’T DO THIS!!!” posts, so I thought I would make a “DO THIS!!!” post.

General Requests

  • More POC in leading roles
  • More important friendships
  • More queer characters in leading roles
  • More disabled characters in leading roles
  • More genderqueer and trans characters in leading roles
  • Realistic women in leading roles
  • Happier/more positive characters and messages


My wish list tag is always updating and includes posts containing things I would like to see in fiction. characterandwritinghelp has a similar tag.

The plot bunnies tag is likewise updating and includes posts that I think would make for an interesting story.

More Things I Would Like to See

  • Steampunk with different ethnic influences alongside the gears
  • Utopias that try really hard to be good, even though they aren’t and never will be perfect
  • Science and magic coexisting
  • Creation stories - stories that focus on building and growth rather than destruction
  • People are good themes
  • Extroverted protagonists
  • Environments other than temperate deciduous
  • Stories centered on art
  • Stories without war

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I was tagged by hemelenoleannn! Yay, thanks! So, let’s see if I can figure out my top 10 favorite games:

Dragon Age: Origins

Bioshock Infinite

The Last of Us

Mass Effect 2


Kingdom Hearts

The Longest Journey

Mass Effect

Fallout 3

The Sims 3

Oh, that was easier than I thought it was gonna be. If I had more, I would’ve put Portal 2 and Kingdom Hearts 2. The top 5 are about right, but it starts getting kinda muddled after that.

Also, it’s late and I’m lazy and I’m just about to finish my limeade and got to bed, so I’m not tagging anybody… :P Consider yourself tagged if you’d like to do this!

A (Fantasy) Cliche/World Building Rant


Because I love fantasy, but I’m not loving cliched/bland/unrealistic worlds. Under the cut you will find:

  1. I Love Your Bracelet. Where Did You Get It?
  2. This Generic Medieval Anglo-Saxon World is Bland
  3. No Change
  4. The Seven Kingdoms
  5. I Know Everyone Has Had Cheese Pizza, but This One Has Green Peppers
  6. Fables, Fairy Tales, Folklore, and Superstitions Are Never Wrong
  7. Evil Uncles
  8. Warriors Don’t Die Quiet Deaths
  9. The Common Tongue

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Drums And Heartbeats

Write about a character in the middle of a battlefield. The city they once called home is being torn in two. Any other person would rush to leave, but this character is running into danger. What would push them to do this? Are they looking for something, or someone?

Want to publish a story inspired by this prompt? Click here to read the guidelines~ ♥︎ And, if you’re looking for more writerly content, make sure to follow me:!

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